Frequently Asked

How often am I billed?

A monthly bill will be mailed to you.

 How can I pay my invoice?

Check or money order can be mailed using your current bill. Check, Money order or credit card payment  is accepted at our office. Credit Card payments over the phone  and credit card payments can be mailed online.

Are there any late fees?

There are no late fees currently charged.

Is there a vacation hold available?

Account hold is available for a monthly charge.

Is auto pay available?

Yes, we can set up monthly auto pay for any service.


 How do I report outages?

Tech line available for after hours and Customer service during business hours.

How do the plume devices work?

They work by taking the signal from your router and boosting it around your home. This prevents your WiFi signal from fading out as you move further away from your router.


 Is a channel list available that I can print/ pick up/ have emailed to me?

Yes, you can access a PDF of the channel list via email.

Channels missing – how to rescan my tv ?

Your TV manual should give all the information you need to rescan channels.

How many outlets are included in installation?

3 outlets are included – others can be installed for a one time fee.


Can I keep my  current phone number?

Yes, a form must be completed which will be used to transfer your current phone number to our service.

 Will I have voicemail?

Yes, voicemail is included.

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